Misalignment Couplings

WE Couplings Ltd is proud to announce to have developed a new type of coupling `Misalignment Couplings` to allow high pressure fittings which are able to be adjusted in cases where there is movement or adjustment needed with pipe fittings.

Drop Hoses Types

Rig Drop Hose

In an offshore environment, after waste water has been fully treated and certified safe to be put back into the sea, it cannot just be discarded at deck level. A vertical hose string, sometimes reinforced with chain or secured to a leg of the rig, delivers the fluid straight down to the water’s surface to cause the minimum amount of disturbance to any operations that may be going on, i.e. bunkering hose transfer.

Tremie Equipment

We are pleased to announce we are hiring out tremie equipment racks now, please get in touch for details.

Contact us on 01257 475101 or email sales@we-couplings.com


Temie Racks

Tremie Racks ready for delivery