W.E Couplings Ltd, established in 1991, suppling of bespoke hose and fittings to a Industry. We also manufacture and stock a wide range of industrial rubber and PVC hose in long lengths to 24 Inch Hose

We also have one of the biggest hose crimpers in the UK, and as we have a large stock it means we normally have a fast turnaround of orders.

Our main market sector up until recently was civil engineering, although now we have completed many contracts for the fuel & oil, agriculture and food industries. We are able to supply and test complete assemblies for all types of applications, and for sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 24″ bore.

To our knowledge, we believe we have the largest swaging capacity in the world, with internal swaging to 12″ (300mm) bore and external swaging to 24″ (600mm). We currently have eight external swaging machines and five internal machines. WE Couplings Ltd has direct access to various hose manufacturers and carry extensive stocks to facilitate a speedy turnaround service. Also developed a highly specialised ‘Layflat’ swage, to which we have had exceptional results


Hose being measured

Image of showing quality of our hoses, this one is 26.24mm.

This is a image of a 24 inch pipe being loaded into one of machines

PN10 FLANGED 2nd end

This is being tested before shipping

24 Inch hose outside our factory

This is a 24 INCH TAIL being manufatured on site


24 inch pipe run

24 inch pipe run



24 Inch Hose being loaded into machine

24 Inch Hose being loaded into machine

Externally pressurized expansion joints ready for shipping

24 inch x 6 mtr ready to Crimp fit

24 inch 9.44 bar = 28 ton tensile

This is a image of 11, 24 inch hoses which are being prepared by us

Large 24 hoses

These are two large bore crimping machines with engineers using them.

We are able to provide hose crimping services up to 24 inch

24 inch Pipe laid out

24 inch Pipe


You can also visit our sister company Euro Hose


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