Another of W.E. Couplings’ specialities is high quality Hose Tails, in most cases available immediately as weld ready ends, swivel ring and flanged. Tails are available in a range of material including Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Duplex/Super Duplex steel and Stainless Steel.


24″ Inch external crimping using our supermax swager


24″ ASA150 Flanged hose tail showing internal bore during crimp



4″ Crimped End showing internal view of tail and ferrule


24″ ASA150 Flanged Hose Tail


Weld Neck Flanged Hose Tails with Serrated Interlock Ferrules


0.5″ to 12″ Serrated Weld Tails/ Flanged Hose Tails in Carbon Steel


Fixed and Swivel Hose Tails in Carbon Steel


Swivel Hose Tails in Carbon Steel


6″ Flanged ASA150 Hose tails in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & H.A. Alloy


High quality serrated weld tails



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